Friday, January 31, 2014

Last time tour

 Band tour is the best fucking thing in the god damned world . I bet its even cooler when people go to your shows and you get "paid" but what ever. The best jokes happen. The worst food happens . Strangers give you the best food you have ever had. You fight with your best friends and come back like you have been to war . Closer than ever in friendship in a way not a lot of people can relate to. Here is a little mini tour of a mini tour last October.

 First things first , better paint a bunch of paintings. Helps make extra gas money and you get to talk to strangers way more !

Step 2 would be to make a whole bunch of shirts . Better make sure to do it the night before you leave ! 

Have pop up art shows with your friends in other towns.
I met Camile and Jeff of the OLY band SHARKPACT two years ago and I have been hooked both on there music and passion for life . Listen to Sharkpact and love your friends .
DONT FORGET TO MAKE SOMETHING FOR ART WALK AT THE INARTSNW BEFORE YOU GO DUMMY ! There is Joe, doing his drinkings , laughing at me for always doing to much .

Now here is a really important part of touring . Get your anarchist crust punk artist best friend to be the roady. Get him to start smoking weed and ciggs, then teach him it really is ok to drink budwiser out of a straw in the back of the van .

And even more important is to go to the red woods of California. Here you can find Bear Claw stickers  ( look up bear claw, she rules ! ) and put yours next to them and be like " Blam ! My shits up with bear claw ! gnarly ! 

Stand in water 

Note the roady to baked to get back in the van .

There was shows to but they are much , much to loud to write about . Peace out , back on the road for the month of March and i cant wait ! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mini Comic write up !

 I got a nice little mini comic  write up on Max Clotfelters blog, so Im re posting it here on my blog. Great list of comics from a great comic maker . Check him out !

Thursday, January 23, 2014


 I make music . I can play (poorly) all the rock band shred sticks ( guitar, drums, keys,bass and you call it vox when you are not that good at singing ) .  A friend called me Kurly Somthing because he couldn't remember my last name . Through all that time I was working really hard at trying to make all my own songs and play all the instruments as well as record it all . It took a long time to really get the ball rolling  but now , there is a whole live band called Kurly Somthing.

    Some times I write the drum parts and sometimes we write them together but Scot Michel is most defiantly the drummer in Kurly Somthing, as well as the bass player  and engineer of the recordings .  Jimmy LaRue plays the guitar and also the keys with us at live shows and he looooooves to go on tour.

 That leaves me ( it was my dumb , expensive , starving idea any way) to book the shows , tell the people and most importantly , get that merch made !

 I don't thinks it is a dumb idea to be in a band. Or to drive around playing shows . Or to make shirts with your own face on them . Hell make a whole album with your friends and a bunch of cover songs , and put your face on that ! People do it all the time .

  That is , people take a style they like and make it their own . Some times . A lot of the time people just see other people getting attention and copy them in hopes of the same reaction . Some times  like in the case of  Punk Rock , Hip hop or Drugs, its more of a culture or life style you can be a part of and being part of something is what a lot of people are looking for . We only live once you know !

 Now as is often the case in Punk Rock , Hip Hop or Drugs , you can just buy your way in . All you need is the look ( $) the talk ($$) and money ($$$) .

 All three of the  above cases are ways of life to some and to others , a way out of their own inability to step out side of the box. Why not find the mold you like and just let your self go ? It is nice to be around like minded people , just like what they like and boom ! Your there .

                                                       All prices include shipping cost !
( Mix tape Vol. 1441 w/ down load card  $8.00 no shipping )

What was I saying ? Oh yeah , what ever you do , do YOUR goal . Even if it is inspired by another person , band , animal , artist, poet , scumbag. Be your own person, and shred YOUR goals.

 Kurly Somthing T-Shirt in Blue or Black ink $12.00 flat rate  . Get the tape and the shirt for $15.00 
Steal this art Kurly Somthing  shirt $12.00 flat rate . Get the tape and the shirt for $15.00
Healthy Bunch One comic book ( 4 artist ! ) $8.00 no shipping 
Limited Please keep it real breast pocket shirts . With a Kurly Somthing print on the back ! 
$15.00 no shipping 
Comic + Shirt $ 20.00 !!! Flat rate ! 

Stay cool and never stop shopping . the government totally notices ! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

 From Dune mini comic night at cafe Racer


Its a painting all right ! It's on canvas and everything !I traded this one to a buddy of mine ! Thanks man ! Here it shall live on the internet for who knows how long.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


    Skateboarding means a lot to me even though I don't do it every day any more . I'm busy ! Got my stuffs to do ! Its winter ! What ever I could be skating more but that is nether here nor there. I'm here to show you the skateboards that will be up for auction this friday at the Vera project . 

 Its really hard for me to do just one of anything so last Friday night I sat down and began work on up to six boards . I began by prepping the back grounds . It helps to warm up to ! Got to get those strokes flowing !
                             And  often in life when I shoot for six I end up with three .

                                                     See you on Friday night !