Wednesday, November 27, 2013


  Allow me to introduce the world to Healthy Bunch #one ! Brought to you by Healthy Bunch, a  multi media art group that uses an anthology style comic as our flagship product , to promote our agenda that is a healthy yet chain smokey way of life .  The Healthy Bunch founding members that produced this forty page book are Kelly Sorbel, Doug Carlin , Bryan Mandronico and Michael Hall.

 Healthy Bunch started three years ago while Doug and myself lived with our friend and my band mate Scot. Scot owns and runs a recording studio ( TITAN RECORDING GO THERE FOR ALL YOUR RECORDING AND MASTERING NEED . THERE IS NO NEED TO LOOK FURTHER THAN TITAN RECORDING STUDIO) .

  We had just begun to Kurly Somthing shows and I was building the very first monster head based on a charcter from a comic I was drawing , "God Damn Carl " . (see past post's to learn of these monsters).

  Doug and I would talk late into the night about art and ideas we had . We designed the first stage show together. This show was to be the show that I had always wanted to do in my time as drummer and stage show helper maker in A GUN THAT SHOOTS KNIVES . We did rad shows that looked great but it never got as weird as I wanted it to be.

 I had taken a long brake from music to take care of the bag of shit my life had become. When I got back into playing live I really wanted to take a different approach. I had been very selfish with my goals and the more I thought I was failing the more of jerk a became. All about me it was.

 At this time I had started an obsession with drawing. All I would do was look up artists, get more comics from the Library and draw and draw and draw. I dreamed of making a book some day. I studied every drawing I got my hands on like I was in school. I had gained a respect for humans that I had never found before.

 Doug and I decided we were gonna start an art crew( what ever the fuck that means )  and name it healthy bunch. The name came up over eating salads and smoking cigarettes at the same time. Pretty much a no brainer.  Now every thing we made was made by healthy bunch and some how that made me a little more proud of what I was doing with my self.

  At this time ( how many times have I said that ?) I also began to get involved volunteering for Skate Like a Girl. I began helping teach  kids how to skate at co-ed skate clinic every Sunday as well as some other service work to the community.

 On a cold winter day three years ago I decided that I was gonna start something new and use my music and art projects to launch them . I also decided that when ever possible i would match  my effort to gain  exposure with a project that would help a person or persons other than my self.

So the new goal was to bring together art, music, and direct community action. I hosted a few chai art shows , started donating art to auctions and when we put out the Kurly Somthing Mix tape this Fall we picked up trash while blasting the tape on a boom box at ten in the morning in front of all the clubs on Capital Hill .

So, six months ago I got Bryan , Doug and Mike all in the same room and said " I wanna make a comic book . I wanna start a publishing company . I wanna call it all Healthy Bunch. " . The idea was to have a comic format book that the four of us would make together as our flagship tittle. We could use this book to promote our comics and other art while working on our individual books and projects under the Healthy Bunch title .

Come get the book at short Run Festival this weekend table  H-37 !